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Zebra Nails



I bought these Zebra nail stickers a little while ago. I had really high hopes for them because the design is very striking and eye-catching. They were around 7 dollars US. I was happy to see that there were 28 nail wraps in the box. Also, they say if you want to use the stickers for a pedicure just apply the square end to the nail not the curved end, which is for fingers.

I knew I had a busy few days ahead of me so I was delighted to know I could just put on these stickers and go. But when I put them on, even though I was really careful, there were little wrinkles on the end of each nail. I tried so hard to apply them perfectly and it still happened. I thought the little wrinkles would be O.K.  but they started to bug me almost immediately. The next day I couldn’t wait to take them off. I started thinking about how unhygienic is was and worried that germs/dirt would get caught under the sticker. Ugh! I’m not the only one who has had this experience with nail stickers. My friend also complained about the wrinkles at the end of each nail.

It’s a pity because they really do look beautiful, until you look closely!

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Author: nailartforfunn

I'm an Irish girl working in Seoul, South Korea for the past few years. Nail art is my hobby and I love to experiment and try new techniques! Nailartforfunn is my baby, please come and check it out! :)

2 thoughts on “Zebra Nails

  1. They look really pretty! 🙂

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