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Which topcoat is best?



I was shopping yesterday and while in Aritaum I saw this beautiful nail polish. I’m no stranger to Modi polishes. I’ve blogged/reviewed them before here and here and here. But I’ve never owned this shade before and I fell in love! It’s not as dark as I thought it would be but it looks great on. I was really excited to try it out. It took three light coats to get it perfect. Sometimes the polish kind of separates on the nail. It’s like it’s reacting to the base coat or something. But it’s really easily fixed, just like streaky polish.

When I had it on I couldn’t decide how to glam it up a little. So I picked my four fav options. Modi Matt TopCoat, Modi Golden Glitter, Modi Black and White TopCoat and Revlon regular TopCoat.

I have a favorite but I really want to know which one YOU (my beloved reader)  think is best! Plz let me know. 🙂



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I'm an Irish girl working in Seoul, South Korea for the past few years. Nail art is my hobby and I love to experiment and try new techniques! Nailartforfunn is my baby, please come and check it out! :)

17 thoughts on “Which topcoat is best?

  1. i agree i like the golden as well

  2. Matte looks good with that green! Wait, no… glossy. It’s hard to choose!

  3. I like the matte – it’s very “army chic” – and the black and white topper.

  4. Also, I like the idea of doing different top coats and sharing! Loving!

  5. ….I can’t decide!!!!! lolol 🙂

  6. With this shade I really like the matte look.

  7. I still don’t have a matte top coat, but I really want one! I love all of the ones you’ve tried out here 🙂

  8. what colour is that green polish? it is sooooo pretty!

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