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Speed Dial & Bling!



For this look I used Ciate’s Speed Dial and some nail stickers I picked up before I left Korea.


I like the look, but the stickers tend to peel off at the edges after a while. I would only use these for nights out anyway, they wouldn’t last a whole day.


For the top coat I used my new (and first) bottle of Seche Vite. I love it so much, BEST TOP COAT EVER. I always wondered what people were raving about and now I know! I actually found it at Bed Bath and Beyond in DC. Score!



Glossy Box (my first)

Ok, I’m really going to try and be fair with this review. I decided to subscribe to Glossy Box. For those of you who don’t know what it is, you basically pay them to send you a box a month with 5 samples in it. Sometimes they are mini samples, and sometimes they are full ones. There is a list of all the possible brands it could be on their website. The point is to try new products, and also to gift yourself (that was my point). You take a brief questionnaire, and tell them things like your skin tone, hair colour etc.

WARNING: If you sign up for this it will keep sending you boxes every month and charge you for them until you actually cancel with them. So, be warned!

I was initially not going to even write a review on my first box. My second box arrived this week and I was just going to write about that. Trouble is, writing about box 2 and not 1 would just annoy me! I’m not OCD or anything, but. . .

Ok! Here’s the box!


and inside


L’Occitane Hand Cream, Jelly Pong Pong Lipstick,  Renu Face Mask, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, and Pearly’s Tooth Powder (?) .


L’Occitane is a great hand cream and a lovely brand. I already have lots of hand cream so I passed this off to my mam.

The Jelly Pong Pong was nice because it was full sized. Everything else looked so small. However, I didn’t like the color ,so I gave it to my mam.

Renu mask for mature skin, EXCUSE ME? I’m not that old!! Gave that to my mam, got a dirty look, but she still took it!!  (poor mam)

I used to always carry Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream and I swear by it. For EVERYTHING!!! So I was happy to see this little sample.

Pearly’s teeth whitener, um hello? What’s with the ‘mature skin’ and ‘teeth powder’? Gave to you know who.

The box comes with this information leaflet about each of the product and shows what they cost (full size).


So, even reading this I am thinking the main problem with Glossy Box is that either their questionnaire isn’t detailed enough, or they don’t use that information very well. I still like the idea of a ‘gift’ coming every month. But there are so many other companies who do this, hmmm I have signed up for three at the end I’ll decide if it’s worth continuing.


Short and Sweet’s 30 Day Challenge!


So, this month has been a real roller coaster. I’ve spend two amazing weeks in DC with my fiance whom I really miss now!! AND I’ve just spent the weekend in England visiting my oldest friend! I managed to work a little as well so I’ve had absolutely no time to do my nails!!

I have loved watching everyone entries into Short and Sweet in Texas‘s 30 day challenge though. It’s great to see what everyone is coming up with and it’s given me lots of good ideas for future manicures. 🙂


Keep ’em coming ladies!!!


Navy and Silver Studded Nails


I’ve finally broken out my square silver studs, I bought them on G-market when I lived in Korea and kind of forgot about them. The navy nail polish brand is called Elle Girl 36. I got it in an Olive Young store in Seoul. I’m not sure if those stores are common elsewhere. It was really cheap but I like the colour and the quality of the polish.


It took about three coats to make the colour even. The polish spread really well and application was smooth. It also dried quite quickly.

I thought that these studs might annoy me.  but actually they are really really flat. Once they’re on it’s easy to forget they’re there.


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My Trip to DC!!

Hey! I’m back! I feel terrible for not updating my blog when I was in DC but I wanted to squeeze as much out of my time there with Greg as possible. Painting my nails didn’t seem like a good use of my time! (extraordinary circumstances!!)

I had such a blast there. I can’t wait to move over after the wedding. I love our apt building and the scenic views from our windows. Love that I’m within walking distance of the metro.

We saw this beauty my first evening there, right behind our building! I couldn’t believe it!


My little dog Pickle was so happy to see me she peed herself (that’s love)


We explored DC while I was there and also revisited some tourist sites. We took a Segway tour of DC and that was so much fun! For $70 dollars each we took a 2hour tour and saw Lincoln Memorial, the Mall, the White House, Congress, Jefferson Memorial, Treasury Building, Ford Theatre, and so much more. We covered a lot of ground, the weather was perfect and we learned a lot about DC! I really recommend this tour for everybody.


Segways are fun!!!


We met up with Greg’s friends for drinks/dinners.

DSCN3845 DSCN3847 DSCN3849

We went to the naval academy in Annapolis and a boat club to meet some of Greg’s relatives.

DSCN3852 DSCN3854

We caught a baseball game. The Nationals were playing the Atlanta Braves. It was my first baseball game in the US!

We also went to Ben’s Chili Bowl and got chili dawgs and chili fries! Nom!


The excitement was too much! I slept on the metro home and Greg posted this on facebook!!

I’m home now in Ireland and you will be seeing more posts this week!!!






This is my one and only Julep polish. Thanks to Julie from Short and Sweet in Texas for sending it to me in a swap. It’s called Minnie, and my mom’s worn it a lot more than I have! I greatly dislike how difficult it is to apply. It’s even harder to apply it on someone else’s nails. BUT, I do LOVE the colour. I mean, look at it, it’s amazing!


My nails remind me of a cute sweater!






These little beads are so much fun, I love the effect. I did of course manage to spill some all over my desk so I’m sure I’ll be finding them in the days to come!




A couple of times I accidentally used a silver bead instead of a gold one, can you spot where?