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Glossy Box (my first)


Ok, I’m really going to try and be fair with this review. I decided to subscribe to Glossy Box. For those of you who don’t know what it is, you basically pay them to send you a box a month with 5 samples in it. Sometimes they are mini samples, and sometimes they are full ones. There is a list of all the possible brands it could be on their website. The point is to try new products, and also to gift yourself (that was my point). You take a brief questionnaire, and tell them things like your skin tone, hair colour etc.

WARNING: If you sign up for this it will keep sending you boxes every month and charge you for them until you actually cancel with them. So, be warned!

I was initially not going to even write a review on my first box. My second box arrived this week and I was just going to write about that. Trouble is, writing about box 2 and not 1 would just annoy me! I’m not OCD or anything, but. . .

Ok! Here’s the box!


and inside


L’Occitane Hand Cream, Jelly Pong Pong Lipstick,  Renu Face Mask, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, and Pearly’s Tooth Powder (?) .


L’Occitane is a great hand cream and a lovely brand. I already have lots of hand cream so I passed this off to my mam.

The Jelly Pong Pong was nice because it was full sized. Everything else looked so small. However, I didn’t like the color ,so I gave it to my mam.

Renu mask for mature skin, EXCUSE ME? I’m not that old!! Gave that to my mam, got a dirty look, but she still took it!!  (poor mam)

I used to always carry Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream and I swear by it. For EVERYTHING!!! So I was happy to see this little sample.

Pearly’s teeth whitener, um hello? What’s with the ‘mature skin’ and ‘teeth powder’? Gave to you know who.

The box comes with this information leaflet about each of the product and shows what they cost (full size).


So, even reading this I am thinking the main problem with Glossy Box is that either their questionnaire isn’t detailed enough, or they don’t use that information very well. I still like the idea of a ‘gift’ coming every month. But there are so many other companies who do this, hmmm I have signed up for three at the end I’ll decide if it’s worth continuing.


Author: nailartforfunn

I'm an Irish girl working in Seoul, South Korea for the past few years. Nail art is my hobby and I love to experiment and try new techniques! Nailartforfunn is my baby, please come and check it out! :)

2 thoughts on “Glossy Box (my first)

  1. Bummer of a first box! What good is filling out a questionnaire when you don’t get products geared toward you?!

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