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PicMonkey Collage

I love ORLY!! These are my first ORLY polishes. I won them in a nail art competition that happened back in March. I came second with my cherry blossom manicure. The competition was hosted by Mommy Loves Nail Polish so thank you so much Louise for sending me this terrific little set of polishes.

So cute!


Here are pics of each them in front of the clothes I think they would look good with. I like to match polishes to outfits!

I think this natural colour looks great with this teal sweater.


This is a loose poncho type top that I love to wear. I think the red polish compliments it well.


Hot pink and sailor style top!


Dark purple sweater and this shimmery nude colour just work well together I think.


All the polishes apply really easily. They are not too sticky or streaky. I used three coats for each polish. I think I like the more natural shades than the bright ones. My tastes in nail polish colours are definitely changing!


Care Package from the States

care box from greg

Those of you who read my posts know that I bought some Glossy Boxes recently and they were a real let down. So, I asked Greg (my fiance) to send me a care package. And this is what I got. Of course there is some nail polish in there! I love the Yellow cover girl polish, I already posted about it.

Greg’s gotten into brewing his own beer and he managed to send me a bottle! My parents and I tasted it and it was great! Really refreshing, light and it had  honey notes to it.

The Old Bay seasoning was a total surprise, we used to season our eggs with it when we lived in Seoul. At first I didn’t like it, then I grew to love it. Gotta introduce my family to it.

The coffee cup was something that I asked for because the coffee at work is terrible and I wanted to bring my own in. So that was really great to get. I also asked for a key ring. In Seoul I had no keys, no car, we had a keypad to get into our apartment, so I really needed a cute key ring. It opens up and you can put a little picture inside!

The title of the book Greg sent me is ‘I could Pee on This’. How could I not enjoy that!!! It’s a really great book of cat poems written from cat’s perspectives. I laugh my ass off every time I read one of those poems! I recommend it to all cat people. 🙂

I also got two pics. One of Mika and one of Pickle. I immediately went out and framed them. I miss my two widdle fur balls so much!!!

This package really brightened up my day, and I am enjoying using everything that came in it.


Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant Glosstinis


Today I got a care package from Greg! It was so great, it made my day. 🙂

One of the things in the package was this nail polish.


I had to try this polish on right away! I used three coats to get rid of bald patches. I love it, it’s so cute! I wore a teal green sweater today and my nails went really well with it.



This is the range of Cover Girl Glosstinis.


Yay for great partners!!!


Blue Gradient


Here’s another gradient look. It’s supposed to be ‘beachy’. I’m not sure if that came across or not. Today has been stressful and kind of shit, so this post will be short.


I used Essie’s Blanc, Esclipse nail polish no name, and Sephora by OPI  Opening Night.

These last two pictures were taken outside. I wanted to see if the light would be better.


Hope you like the gradients, if you have  any suggestions on how to improve them, or cool color combos plz let me know!


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Essie and Estee – Summer Gradient, Matt style


The weather in Ireland is usually really mild and it rains a lot. We don’t get scorching hot summers, and our winters aren’t ridiculously cold either. But for the past week the sun has been splitting the rocks here!! (26 degrees Celsius one day!!) Everyone I know went to the beach and had lots of fun. I had to work, but that’s ok. I get burned too easily anyway and don’t want tan lines on my wedding day!

All this hot weather made me crave ice-pops from my childhood. Do you know Tangle Twisters, Brunch, Feasts, Loop the Loops? Well, I’ve had all of them in the past week, (as my trainer would say, ‘disaster’). And their bright colors made me want to paint my nails.

I chose gradient because it’s still a challenge for me. So, I’m trying to perfect it. Expect more!

I used Essie, Blanc and Estee Lauder, Lilac Leather. I also used Modi’s Matt topcoat to give it that frozen look.

ice cream


I love my Toms! Greg bought them for me last year when he went home to the states. So comfy and cute!



The Girl with the Butterfly Print Nails


Here’s a look inspired by a beautiful dark blue dress I saw the other day. This Sephora by OPI polish (Opening Night) is a perfect match with it, and I think the butterflies add a little magic to the look. I used Konad stamping plate m21, and Konad silver stamping polish.


The butterflies are really not that visable, it’s only when the light hits them, or if someone is really looking closely that they appear.


I haven’t stamped in months, so some of the butterflies are a little askew. But this was fun, so I may have to go back to my stamps again soon. 🙂