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Care Package from the States


care box from greg

Those of you who read my posts know that I bought some Glossy Boxes recently and they were a real let down. So, I asked Greg (my fiance) to send me a care package. And this is what I got. Of course there is some nail polish in there! I love the Yellow cover girl polish, I already posted about it.

Greg’s gotten into brewing his own beer and he managed to send me a bottle! My parents and I tasted it and it was great! Really refreshing, light and it had  honey notes to it.

The Old Bay seasoning was a total surprise, we used to season our eggs with it when we lived in Seoul. At first I didn’t like it, then I grew to love it. Gotta introduce my family to it.

The coffee cup was something that I asked for because the coffee at work is terrible and I wanted to bring my own in. So that was really great to get. I also asked for a key ring. In Seoul I had no keys, no car, we had a keypad to get into our apartment, so I really needed a cute key ring. It opens up and you can put a little picture inside!

The title of the book Greg sent me is ‘I could Pee on This’. How could I not enjoy that!!! It’s a really great book of cat poems written from cat’s perspectives. I laugh my ass off every time I read one of those poems! I recommend it to all cat people. 🙂

I also got two pics. One of Mika and one of Pickle. I immediately went out and framed them. I miss my two widdle fur balls so much!!!

This package really brightened up my day, and I am enjoying using everything that came in it.

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3 thoughts on “Care Package from the States

  1. omg! i need that book. my male cats love to try to find anything left on the floor to pee on, including my purse and umbrellas.

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