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Day 6 Pre-Spring Challenge Contest Sun


I was kinda stumped when it came to the sun theme. I wasn’t sure what to do then I decided to go with a  solar flare type theme. I used OPI’s Color So Hot It Berns and then using clingfilm I dabbed Sally Hansen’s Lightening over it. I like how it turned out. The pictures with the bluish tinge were taken using daylight. The others are from my light box  I’m having some color issues at the moment with my camera so I’m experimenting with different light etc. DSC_2774 DSC_2809 DSC_2822


Cling Film Manicure

I love how easy this manicure was! I read workplaypolish’s awesome blog about Saran wrap nails. She broke it down so well and made it seem so easy so I  was inspired to try my own. Check out her great post about this!

After I painted my nails with a base coat, I let them fully dry and put on topcoat. Then I spread another lighter coloured polish on a piece of plastic. I dabbed the cling film onto the blob of polish and then dabbed that onto my nails. I tried not to dab too much as I really liked the marbled effect I got from lightly going over the nail with the cling film.

This was fast, uncomplicated and the results were. . . well you can see the results! I really enjoyed my cling film nails!