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Ciate: Fit For A Queen & Hologram


How pretty is this?! It’s bright, sparkly, and really classy at the same time (I think). I love how perky it is.


Fit For A Queen required multiple coats. It was really easy to miss bald patches otherwise. I think I used about four or five light layers and a little cover up as well. Worth it though, and it dries really fast.


I think that Hologram really adds oomph to this look. However, I was really disappointed at how badly the caviar stayed on my nails. I’ve bought nail caviar online before and it has stayed on for days. Almost immediately after application these beads started falling out. I’m hoping it was just the topcoat that I used.



Pink Caviar


Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a good time! I spent all of new year’s day flying back here to Seoul from the US. That’s the reason for the lack of posts in the last two weeks, I was busy meeting my in-laws and my fiance’s extended family in Florida and Indiana. Luckily for me I got a ton of nail polish for my birthday and Christmas AND I went a bit nuts in some stores. I have SOOOOOOO many polishes to show off on here!! Expect a lot of posts this week!

In the meantime, this manicure was one I did a little while ago. It’s very simple and cute (I think). It’s OPI’s  Love Struck Strawberry under pink nail caviar which I ordered from gmarket – online shopping site in Korea that delivers worldwide. Very fast and easy to do and still striking.

2 3 4 5 PicMonkey Collage


Nail Caviar

OK, I have to admit I didn’t have high hopes for this manicure. I saw the little teeny tiny pot of beads and shuddered!!! I really thought I was going to make a mess both of my nails and the living room!

BUT, thankfully I was wrong! I started as I always do with a coat of OPI nail envy. Then two coats of a deep purple OPI (I forget the exact shade name, I think of it as a Cadbury purple!  I will put it in later!) This shade has really subtle glitter in it. It’s very festive.

When my nails were dry I used OPI topcoat on them. While the accent nail was still wet I dipped it into the pot of caviar. I held the pot over a container which caught the beads that didn’t stick to my nails. After the first dip some parts of my nail still didn’t have beads on them so I just put a little more topcoat on those areas and poured the beads again.

I gently pressed the beads down and they stayed! Right now I think this is my favourite manicure! I LOVE the look of the nail caviar!!! Totally proved myself wrong!

The only slightly negative thing I have to say about these beads is that they lose their colour quickly. After a few hand washes some of them look more like silver than their original colour. But they still look great!