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Valentine’s Day Gifts

Hey! I’m finally starting to feel a little better so I want to post about my Valentine’s Day. It was also my last day as an English teacher here in Seoul, South Korea. So I got to spoil my students with heart shaped candies and fun games all day long. Saying goodbye to them was happy and sad! They are sweet kids and I hope some of them stay in contact.

After work I went to dinner with Greg. We went on base here and ate at a French style restaurant that does excellent steak. Dinner was delicious and we both had a lovely evening. I got yummy chocolates and Lush products as my gift. The facial cleanser is really cool it looks like mud until you add a little water. I have yet to try the huge bath bomb!

Overall, a great Valentines. Only a couple of weeks left here and with Greg (for a while) so trying to soak it all up!! I hope everyone had a great Valentines! Now I’m off to eat some chocolate!

Vday 2013


I Know You Know Collection From The Lady Varnishes: Part One

I was very happy when the post came today. I received a package from the lovely Elissa and Kirsten of The Lady Varnishes. It contained six beautifully packaged sample sized bottles from their I Know You Know Collection, and a preview of their Because You Listen Collection, plus a bonus bottle of polish that comes when you order the whole collection.

These polishes, from left to right, are called: I Know You Know, To The Blueberry, You Know That’s Right, You Heard About Pluto?, Dazzle And Stretch, and Girl Needs A Doughnut.


I have to say my first impression of this range of polish is very positive. I love how each bottle has a little charm on it, and the charm has a colored jewel which matches the shade of nail polish. It’s detail and personal touches like that which really make me feel that this collection is special. These bottles would make great little gifts for nail polish lovers and girly girls. All the polishes are 3-Free and cruelty free.

The Lady Varnishes is owned by two sisters Elissa and Kirsten. They are very approachable and friendly. I am always impressed when people find a way to do what they love and these two definitely have a huge passion for polish. 🙂 They’ve gone from experimenting with polish in their spare time to opening an Etsy store and starting collections!

I Know You Know


This polish took two coats and a little extra dabbing to cover less glittery areas. It’s a matte green glittery polish, with very fine green glitter, and larger white shreds. To apply, the polish is quite thick. This was great because it was easier to deal with than really watery streaky polish. I found it quite easy to evenly apply. There is a very healthy amount of glitter in each brush stroke. A bonus with all these polishes is the drying time, it’s super fast! This polish, although loaded with glittery goodness, wasn’t too coarse when it dried. I liked it because it reminded me of spring and freshly cut grass. 9 10

To The Blueberry


Ok, to be honest I was a little nervous when applying this polish. I’ve had bad luck with blue nail polish staining my nails. Thankfully, this polish did not do that. It came off really easily with no staining. The best thing about this polish is the colour, it really pops! I don’t think it’s possible to capture how eye-catching it is in real life but I hope my camera came close. This polish required three coats to cover bald patches. The polish is a shimmery blue with black and super fine silver glitter. It just sparkles across the nail. Yum.

6 7

You Know That’s Right


I don’t usually go for lighter nail polishes, I seem to gravitate more to bolder colours. That may be about to change. Purple is my favourite colour anyway so this wasn’t really a hard sell! This is a very ladylike shimmery violet with purple, silver, and green glitter mixed in, that’s a great combo! This is a very cute polish that I think will appeal to most people.

3 4

The lady varnishes can be found on facebook, Etsy, and their blog is also worth checking out!

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Cinderella Sephora by OPI


I got this set as a Christmas gift this year. The polishes are all 3.75 ml. The names, from right to left are: So Totally Enchanted, Step Off, Sister! I Blue My Curfew, Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Pink!, Self-Maid Millionaire and Rags to Rhinestones. Each polish needed three coats.

This first polish is super cute, it glides on really well. Even though it’s such a small bottle the brush size is still good. I needed multiple coats to avoid bald patches but it was worth the extra time it took. This polish is also great as an undercoat to glittery polishes.


This is Step Off, Sister! I put it on over So Totally Enchanted. I felt they worked really well together. The polish is loaded with really fine glitter. It’s so fine that it feels pretty smooth when dry. I just needed one layer of top coat to smooth it over.


I Blue My Curfew is beautiful with subtle blue glitter throughout it. BUT big negative with this polish. It totally stained my nails blue even though I was wearing a base coat. That’s a super negative in my book. Pity because I really love the colour.


I applied Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Pink! over I Blue My Curfew. I think it looks a little oriental. Reminds me of Japanese Kimonos or something. I love the way these two compliment each other. They are very fairytale – like.


Self-Maid Millionaire also required three coats. Bald patches were a problem with this one.


Rags to Rhinestones compliments Self-Maid Millionaire really well. I always like to have base coats under my glitter polishes so this little set is perfect for me. I like all the colours but I’m happy the bottles are small because I can easily store them and let’s face it I have so many bottles of polish  I’m probably not going to wear these again for a while. I really don’t need the full sizes! This is a great gift to give someone.


Here’s all the mani’s together! 🙂

PicMonkey Collage