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Halloween Stylin’



Here’s my Halloween style manicure. I used thin nail art tape and OPI’s Tomorrow Never Dies along with Barry M’s Black Nail Paint.



I really like how these colours compliment each other. The Black Nail Paint was a dream to paint over the purple and tape. It’s nice and thick without being gooey. Maybe that’s because it’s a new bottle. I’ve had really goopy black nail polish before, it was Sally Hansen brand.



Tomorrow Never Dies is becoming one of my favourite polishes. It’s a really pretty shade of purple. I think it’s nice for nights out, but it could also be a good day time polish for this time of year. It requires at least 2 coats, because there will be bald patches.



To see my Halloween mani’s from last year check here and here.


Happy Halloween bloggers! xxx


Day 13 Pre-Spring Challenge Contest Sponging


Ta da! Here is my sponge/gradient/ombre manicure. Big exhale! I will be trying to incorporate more sponging in future manicure now that I’m no longer afraid of it! I taped up my cuticles and started with a white base coat, Essie’s blanc. I used a make-up sponge and dabbed it up and down a bit to get a better blend. I like how it turned out. I used three shades of purple but I’m not sure if you can clearly see that. Hopefully you can! The challenge is almost and I’m gonna miss it! I’m really glad I joined in on it!

2 3 4 5


Purple Stamping Manicure


Hey everybody! Hope you are all enjoying the weekend! Today’s post is just a simple stamping manicure I did a while ago. I bought a range of Konad stamping polishes and wanted to test out the purple one. I was disappointed with the Sally Hansen polish Nude Now. I felt it made my nails look weirdly stained and it wasn’t opaque at all. I would have preferred a creamier polish.  The stamping plate used was Konad M2.




Halloween Manicure!

Halloween, I am READY for you!

I wasn’t sure what to do with my nails for this festive occasion. There are so many possibilities !! I looked on Google images and picked five of my favorite looks to make up my spooky manicure!! This look kind of took me out of my comfort zone as it was nail art heavy!  I found the pumpkin really challenging, it was difficult to keep a steady hand! I love how the thumb nail turned out and I love this manicure! I already got complimented on it by a total stranger, that always feels great!

Here are some close-ups.

My favorite is the fangs, what’s yours? 🙂


Flower French Manicure!

I was in a colorful mood what can I say! I really wanted a bright multicolored manicure. Here’s what I used.

This is my flower wheel. I bought in at an online Korean store. I assumed that they were fake but actually these are real pressed flowers!

Cute aren’t they? 🙂

Here’s a close up of each of my nails.

Here’s today’s look  without the flowers.


Nail Caviar

OK, I have to admit I didn’t have high hopes for this manicure. I saw the little teeny tiny pot of beads and shuddered!!! I really thought I was going to make a mess both of my nails and the living room!

BUT, thankfully I was wrong! I started as I always do with a coat of OPI nail envy. Then two coats of a deep purple OPI (I forget the exact shade name, I think of it as a Cadbury purple!  I will put it in later!) This shade has really subtle glitter in it. It’s very festive.

When my nails were dry I used OPI topcoat on them. While the accent nail was still wet I dipped it into the pot of caviar. I held the pot over a container which caught the beads that didn’t stick to my nails. After the first dip some parts of my nail still didn’t have beads on them so I just put a little more topcoat on those areas and poured the beads again.

I gently pressed the beads down and they stayed! Right now I think this is my favourite manicure! I LOVE the look of the nail caviar!!! Totally proved myself wrong!

The only slightly negative thing I have to say about these beads is that they lose their colour quickly. After a few hand washes some of them look more like silver than their original colour. But they still look great!


Floral Nail Goodness :)


My order of nail supplies came today and one of the things that arrived was nail transfers! Yay! (makes me happy!)


Here’s how I started


I cut out the piece I wanted then pulled off the plastic coating. I put it in the container of water, waited for 10 seconds, and then put it on my nail. The transfer slips off the cardboard onto the nail. Result? Awesome nails!