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Nail Art For Funn’s Family Manicures!!






I thought I’d share some manicures I’ve done recently. Since I can’t wear polish to work it makes sense to do my mam’s nails and sometimes my aunt’s too!

I’ve actually been painting my mam’s nails since I came home in March. We started with simple colours, then I got her hooked on nail jewels and now stamping! Yay!! šŸ™‚

I used OPI’s Barefoot in Barcelona, and red Konad stamping polish with Bundle Monster’s plate 306.



This is a replica of a manicure I did last year. I showed mam the picture and she liked so I recreated it for her (with the nail jewels of course!)



She’s even learning how to ‘pose’!



This manicure was for my aunt. She wanted Autumn colours so we chose a silver Sephora polish by OPI, Social Climber Ā and OPI’s Tomorrow Never Dies. Love, love, love, this colour, and this combo!


My Aunt was diggin’ her chevrons!


Also, posing quite nicely!! šŸ™‚


Last week we adventured in lace. Mam chose the colours and loved the result! She thought they looked delicate and ladylike. We used Estee Lauder’s Dilettante and Lilac Leather.


I’m thinking I’ll introduce her to textured polish next, and maybe stripes? What do you think? Let me know!!!




Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls


Here’s another waterfall manicure that I did a few weeks ago. I chose these colours to match a new dress.

I used;

Modi hardener, OPI’s Fly, Essie’s First Timer, Coverl Girl’s, Glosstinis (yellow), Sephora’s Social Climber, Sinful Colours’ Dream On, and Seche Vite topcoat.


I love the dress Ā because the skirt is really light and flows. The top is comfortable and dressy enough for evening wear. I got it in a store here called Pamela Scott’s.

Here’s a close up of the skirt.



The Girl with the Butterfly Print Nails


Here’s a look inspired by a beautiful dark blue dress I saw the other day. This Sephora by OPI polish (Opening Night) is a perfect match with it, and I think the butterflies add a little magic to the look. I used Konad stamping plate m21, and Konad silver stamping polish.


The butterflies are really not that visable, it’s only when the light hits them, or if someone is really looking closely that they appear.


I haven’t stamped in months, so some of the butterflies are a little askew. But this was fun, so I may have to go back to my stamps again soon. šŸ™‚


Tinsel Town Sephora by OPI (my swatch marathon) Part Two

This is the second row of polishes.I feel they are more night-time polishes than the top. My fav subtle polish is Thyme For A Mani. My fav bold polish is Just A Little Dangerous.

Justa’ Pinch Of GlitterĀ 17 18

Just A Little Dangerous19 20

I Don’t BiteĀ 21 22

Thyme For A Ā Mani23 24

Meet Me At The Disco25 26

Leotard Optional27 28

Merry MeĀ 29 30

Break A Leg WarmerĀ 31 32


Tinsel Town Sephora by OPI (my swatch marathon!) Part One


I picked this set up in Sephora when I was in Florida. I was REALLY excited to get home and swatch them all. But, there are a lot of polishes in the set and I got a little burnt out swatching them all! I tried them all on and then put the Only Gold For Me topcoat over all of them. I was really happy with the quality, colors, and range of the polishes in this set. It ticked all the boxes for me. I feel like it’s one I’ll turn to when I’m not sure which color to pick. Also, it’s great for me because I’m pretty bad to buy more subtle colors and this set has a few of those.

My fav subtle shade is A True Romantic. My fav bold color is A Cherry On Top. Enjoy!

I’m WiredĀ 1 2

Already FamousĀ 3 4

A True RomanticĀ 5 6

What Aura Gonna Wear?7 8

And A Cherry On TopĀ 9 10

S-Age Is Just A NumberĀ 11 12

I Think I Cayenne13 14

Read My PalmĀ 15 16

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Cinderella Sephora by OPI


I got this set as a Christmas gift this year. The polishes are all 3.75 ml. The names, from right to left are: So Totally Enchanted, Step Off, Sister! I Blue My Curfew, Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Pink!, Self-Maid Millionaire and Rags to Rhinestones. Each polish needed three coats.

This first polish is super cute, it glides on really well. Even though it’s such a small bottle the brush size is still good. I needed multiple coats to avoid bald patches but it was worth the extra time it took. This polish is also great as an undercoat to glittery polishes.


This is Step Off, Sister! I put it on over So Totally Enchanted. I felt they worked really well together. The polish is loaded with really fine glitter. It’s so fine that it feels pretty smooth when dry. I just needed one layer of top coat to smooth it over.


I Blue My Curfew is beautiful with subtle blue glitter throughout it. BUT big negative with this polish. It totally stained my nails blue even though I was wearing a base coat. That’s a super negative in my book. Pity because I really love the colour.


I applied Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Pink! over I Blue My Curfew. I think it looks a little oriental. Reminds me of JapaneseĀ KimonosĀ or something. I love the way these two compliment each other. They are very fairytale – like.


Self-Maid Millionaire also required three coats. Bald patches were a problem with this one.


Rags to Rhinestones compliments Self-Maid Millionaire really well. I always like to have base coats under my glitter polishes so this little set is perfect for me. I like all the colours but I’m happy the bottles are small because I can easily store them and let’s face it I have so many bottles of polish Ā I’m probably not going to wear these again for a while. I really don’t need the full sizes! This is a great gift to give someone.


Here’s all the mani’s together! šŸ™‚

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