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Day 7 Pre-Spring Challenge Contest Pastel Tape Mani


This mani taught me patience! I really had to force myself to wait for the polish to dry completely before using tape on it. Duh! I used OPI Strawberry Margarita, OPI Fly, and Face It light purple. DSC_2837 DSC_2839 DSC_2845 DSC_2847



Striped Manicure



Here’s a manicure I did a little while ago. It was very striking. I used Revlon Radiant Blue Mosaic as my base and Sally Hansen Black Out as the upper coat. I smoothed it all out with OPI topcoat.

Hope you like! If you do share the love!

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Striping Tape Tutorial

This tutorial kind of explains itself so it won’t be very wordy . 🙂

The base polishes are from yesterdays manicure post! Why waste a manicure when you can upgrade it?!! Here’s what I used.

It’s better to cut the tape and have it ready in strips at the edge of a table or somewhere convenient.

Peel the tape off while the polish is still wet. That’s key! Pull carefully and one strip at a time.I used Sally Hansen’s White On for this manicure.

I thought this manicure would be more difficult than it actually was. Once I had the tape cut and ready it was easy.