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I would like to say that there was a logical reason I decided to paint my nails  in cow print, but no. Nope. No reason. Just me being silly one evening and having fun with nail art. 🙂

I love how it turned out! I’m having a joint birthday celebration with my fiance next weekend and the theme is black and white, I might do something with cow/zebra print for that night out 🙂

To get the cow print effect I used my dotting stick. I just kind of pushed the black polish around a little section of the nail until I was happy. It didn’t take long and it wasn’t hard. I also used a thin brush just to round the edges a little.

I like the idea of messing up an elegant french manicure and putting cow print all over it, it made me smile!

The pink is from Etude house. The white was bought at at local beauty store the brand is Prorance.


G.I. Jane

Hey everyone, this is today’s manicure. I wanted to get away from the pink/reds I’ve been using recently. I think I managed that! When I decided on an army theme I google imaged  for ideas. A great manicure popped up and I decided to model mine off of it. But the original manicure belongs to Sammy from so I must give her the credit for today’s design. The photos of this mani are of course my own.

Here’s what I used.

I now have a new rule when I go buy nail polish it must be a new colour or shade and not something I would normally go for. Hopefully this will keep me from becoming repetitive! For example I never would have bought the pale green polish normally. But I was glad I had it when I decided on this theme!

My accent nail.

I used my dotting tool to smear the army colors on.

I’m particularly proud of this post because it’s the first one where I’m using a watermark on my pictures! I feel like it’s a milestone haha! I REALLY hope you guys like this mani!