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My Wedding Album

Hey fellow bloggers,

I decided to share my wedding album with you. It’s only fair since I have been posting various things about my wedding for months now! Also, I know I love seeing other people’s pics, so I hope you enjoy mine. Here’s the link to the slideshow!¬†

My photographer is a guy called Darren Kirwan. He is sha-mazing!!! He was like a ninja with the camera! Most of the time I really forgot he was there.

Some nail art posts are coming soon, October has been a busy month at work. They don’t allow nail polish either, so that sucks!

Let me know what you think of the album!


Wedding Hair First Salon Visit


Today was my first salon appointment. I went in last week and spoke to the head colourist and explained what I wanted for my wedding. She was great! Today I got low and high lights, a hair cut and hair styling. I really love how it turned out.



I was originally going to pull pieces back from my face but I think that would take away from the effect. I might put a decorative pin on the left side above my ear, I’m not sure yet. I have two or three more visits between now and the wedding so I can play around with it some more. I’m really happy with the colour though!

After my hair appointment I wandered around the farmer’s market in my city, bought delicious chocolate for me, Greg, and my chocolate addicted brother. Then, had a great pub lunch with my mam. Love days like this!


My Life So Far

I have decided to broaden my blog just a little. Some of my posts from now on will be about me and what I’m doing. Nail art is still the main focus but because so many things are happening I think it’ll be good for me to have a place to express myself. So that’s why I’m starting this new page.

Ok, here’s the deal. I’m getting married in Aug. I’m moving from Seoul, South Korea back home to Ireland in March. From March ’til Aug I will be preparing for my wedding, living with my parents and reconnecting with my friends.

Oh! You don’t even know what I look like! I’ve never posted a picture of myself on my blog before!

46364_10151246373007799_2042738986_nThat’s me and Greg, my wonderful fiance!

That’s it for now. I’ll update soon!


Bridal Manicure


Next year on August first I am getting married! (yay!) ūüôā So, I’ve been thinking about what kind of manicure I should have for my wedding day. I’m still not sure what I want so I’m just¬†experimenting¬†with lots of different looks and styles. I’m pretty sure I will eventually decide on something really simple and elegant. When I googled bridal manicures I really didn’t like what I saw. I¬†definitely don’t want a Kardashian inspired look!

This look is really simple. I used a Konad stamping plate m56. I wanted a nice delicate french manicure look. I like the lace effect, it’s pretty.

So, there will be many more bridal manicures over the next few months as I play around with different looks. ¬†I’d appreciate any advice from nail art bloggers! What manicure did you rock on your wedding day?¬†1B 1C