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Ireland and Korean Royalty

I arrived home Monday night from Seoul via Heathrow. Despite being exhausted I still stayed up for hours chatting to my parents. They are the BEST help a future bride could ask for!

Mom has been cooking all my fav dishes including Irish breakfast and her yum Chicken casserole (secret recipe)

Now that I’m home I have a little setting up to do. I’m gonna head to the shopping centre tomorrow with mom and pick up some things I need, essentials such as a GHD, desk for my room, boots (they are on sale!) and some other things to make my room more me.

Of course the downside of being home is that I’m apart from Greg, Mika and Pickle. I’m trying really hard to focus on my goals and not wallow about too much about being apart from my little family. It’s temporary, and I should use the time on things that will improve me so when I do see Greg again I can impress him! 🙂

One more downside, it’s 5.30am I’ve been awake for an hour now! So naturally I’m typing this with a facemask on and I may go paint my toenails in a little bit!

Sunday was my last day in Seoul. Greg and I decided to go to a photo studio and dress up as Korean Kings and Queens and wear Hanbok. That’s the traditional Korean  clothing. Isn’t it beautiful? Of course I asked for purple!

I’m trying to think like a queen!


Doesn’t he look handsome?


Together, having fun.  🙂 It’s easy with your best friend.



Estee Lauder Lilac Leather – and then some lace! :)



Ha, I think Greg is trying to tell me he’s gonna miss me! He came home with another  Estee Lauder polish yesterday! Perfect timing as I was ready to take off Narcissist. This time I used almost four coats because I wanted it to be really even across the nail. I love the color, but I didn’t want to do a straight up swatch so I decided to add french tips (Essie – blanc) and some lace nail stickers and oh yeah some jewels! I was really in the mood to decorate my nails last night! 🙂

Sheets of these lace stickers are on sale in most beauty stores here in Seoul, I love them! Tonight I’m heading out for dinner and a few drinks  so I’m glad I have girly nails for the occasion! 🙂



My cuticles and skin are really suffering in this weather! I’m moisturizing but it’s just not enough! Maybe the weather in Ireland will be kinder to me.



My Little Pickle

Hey everyone, this is a post about my little Pickle. She is my dog. She’s half schnauzer  half  poodle and really excitable! Pickle always barks at men, she really doesn’t like them. So when we have guy friends over it takes her a while to calm down. She prefers women and will let them pet her more easily. Pickle completely 100% adores me. At home, she is my shadow! She even stands guard outside the bathroom door.

I met Pickle on one of my first dates with Greg. He offered to cook me dinner and when I came over Pickle was there to greet me. She hesitated for a few seconds but then jumped on my lap and we have never looked back since!

On Sunday mornings as a special treat we give her a mashed up boiled egg with a little bacon dog treat broken up in it for her, she LOVES it!

She can get very jealous of Mika at times and always wants to be near me.

As I’m writing this she is curled up at the bottom of the bed watching me through sleepy eyes!

Here are some pics of her!

At the dog park, she is not afraid to play with the big dogs!

pickle running

AH grooming is not her fav thing to do!

PicMonkey Collage

She can build a fort out of pillows, genius!

Pickle on the couch

Her winter jacket

Pickle in her Jacket

Sometimes I think she thinks she is a cat


More winter fashion


Eating ‘cake’ at a fellow dog’s birthday party in Gangnam, Seoul. What a socialite!


Pickle and Daddy


Really having fun!

DSCN2043 DSCN2038

One of my students likes her so much she comes over to visit! This is Pickle and Shine 🙂 Mika is obv well jell !


Because she is 🙂


Trying to blend in with the Teddy


Bath time is SAD time 😦


When I say ‘sit’ she looks up at just like this!


Walk in Namsan Park


Playing in the leaves


Hanging out


Lurking . . .



Valentine’s Day Gifts

Hey! I’m finally starting to feel a little better so I want to post about my Valentine’s Day. It was also my last day as an English teacher here in Seoul, South Korea. So I got to spoil my students with heart shaped candies and fun games all day long. Saying goodbye to them was happy and sad! They are sweet kids and I hope some of them stay in contact.

After work I went to dinner with Greg. We went on base here and ate at a French style restaurant that does excellent steak. Dinner was delicious and we both had a lovely evening. I got yummy chocolates and Lush products as my gift. The facial cleanser is really cool it looks like mud until you add a little water. I have yet to try the huge bath bomb!

Overall, a great Valentines. Only a couple of weeks left here and with Greg (for a while) so trying to soak it all up!! I hope everyone had a great Valentines! Now I’m off to eat some chocolate!

Vday 2013


My Life So Far

I have decided to broaden my blog just a little. Some of my posts from now on will be about me and what I’m doing. Nail art is still the main focus but because so many things are happening I think it’ll be good for me to have a place to express myself. So that’s why I’m starting this new page.

Ok, here’s the deal. I’m getting married in Aug. I’m moving from Seoul, South Korea back home to Ireland in March. From March ’til Aug I will be preparing for my wedding, living with my parents and reconnecting with my friends.

Oh! You don’t even know what I look like! I’ve never posted a picture of myself on my blog before!

46364_10151246373007799_2042738986_nThat’s me and Greg, my wonderful fiance!

That’s it for now. I’ll update soon!


Day 8 Pre-Spring Challenge Contest Jewelery


I don’t know if it’s because I live in Korea or what but it’s so easy to find nail bling here! These cost less than a dollar and are in all the beauty stores. So, I gotta admit this manicure took about 10 mins to do! Yay for the easy ones! I got the stickers from Etude House. It’s a great chain of beauty stores they sell everything from make-up to nail art products all for really cheap.

The one bad thing about these jewel stickers was that they curled up at the ends. It was like they didn’t want to bend! I couldn’t get them to lay flat so I took them off after I photographed this mani. Anyone know how to get around that?

The base polish is Eclipse 103. 2 3 4


Day 4 Pre-Spring Challenge Contest Flowers


Today’s theme is flowers. I tried for ages to dot some on then I decided to use my transfers for the job! The weather here is Seoul is miserable! So it was nice to have a spring type flower mani to wear!

For this mani I used Face It Nail polish, it has no name. I used nail transfers for the flowers. I love how the poppy’s look with the peachy base coat. They are perfect for spring time! 🙂 2 3 4


Teal and Lace



Here’s a quick and easy mani I did yesterday. I used OPI’s ‘Fly’ and lace stickers from The Face Shop. I haven’t used lace in a mani before and I really like the effect. Excuse my dry hands, the weather here is Seoul is brutal at the moment. Plus I never drink enough water! 2 3


Pink Caviar


Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a good time! I spent all of new year’s day flying back here to Seoul from the US. That’s the reason for the lack of posts in the last two weeks, I was busy meeting my in-laws and my fiance’s extended family in Florida and Indiana. Luckily for me I got a ton of nail polish for my birthday and Christmas AND I went a bit nuts in some stores. I have SOOOOOOO many polishes to show off on here!! Expect a lot of posts this week!

In the meantime, this manicure was one I did a little while ago. It’s very simple and cute (I think). It’s OPI’s  Love Struck Strawberry under pink nail caviar which I ordered from gmarket – online shopping site in Korea that delivers worldwide. Very fast and easy to do and still striking.

2 3 4 5 PicMonkey Collage